asus laptop key fell off

Keyboard & Mouse | ASUS… I know what to look for, and I’ve tripple checked. If that’s the case, a new USB floppy drive will not help because you will not be able to boot from it. Thanks a million, Helped me so much! Thanks I Just fixed it as per your guidance and saved my laptop. Thanks! i _ant get it off or put it on properly. I do not understand how you attach the 2 parts of it together. amazing, but since i broke one of the latches, its still very loose! my esc and delete keys came off and i cant get them to go back on. Help please! thanks. Thank you so much, I have used this website twice when my puppy put his paws on my keyboard and popped two keys off!! Take a closer look at the key retainer, it’s connected to the keyboard at four different points. Priceless in fixing my laptop keys. nervewracking for a novice laptop owner though!! My Q key felt today from Toshiba keyboard laptop just like the 2nd keyboard here but i am not able to fix it !!!! Of course one of the little “pins” broke off of mine and now won’t go back on. Anyway, I noticed as I was about to give the keyboard a gently wipe that the left CTRL key was ‘wobbly’ and appears to be connected only at the bottom half. . Somehow my cat loosen 2 keys on my laptop. It took a few hours for you to publish this but in doing so you so many others save time and money. It helped me fix my popped keys. I was able to reattach my key in just a few minutes with your clear instructions and images. I've had keys suddenly come off before, but I was always able to snap it back in. This site was very helpful, everything popped back into place on the first try. so how can i solve my problem, Hi Im from South East Asia.My arrow key fell off and i can’t fix it and my lap top key does’nt same with yours. Thanks man! such little pieces of plastic! i want to know first before i mess up my computer even badly… please help thanks =], Thank you for this tutorial! hi Amazing. Thank you! OMG I fixed the key on my lap top. i have a hp dv6500 and some of the keys have fallen off but the retainers are still in place. Shop by category. My buttons were same type as shown in your space bar key. Please help me. Hey thanks for this i got my key back in and didn’t have to pay =]. ii think im doing it rong. Thank you so much. Key works perfectly. My 4 year old thought it would be fun to take all the keys off the laptop. Thank you so much! Anyway, I have a HP Pavillion dv6000, and the spacebar got out of place, and I figured out the correct way to assemble it, and for anyone who needs the info>. I’ve been struggling over this key for months. Finally, you snap the key back on the retainer. I look forward to hearing from you. One piece of the retainer is broke in half but I feel like it could still work. Thanks sooo much for your web site!! My ENTER key came off my Toshiba laptop and with you help it is back in place and functions well. Turned out I had the inner connector upside down which I would never have worked out without this site. When the key I ordered arrived I was at a total loss… thank you so much for this incredibly helpful page! REALLY WORKED. Now I fixed it and am gonna be fixing some more of my friends. Bit fiddly to do but very clear instructions. Thanks for the great instructions on how to reinstall a key. I repair computers, and its just easier to order a new keyboard typically than try to fix them.. thats just my 2 cents.. 15$ will typically pay for a new keyboard.. ive only seen once i order once.. an emachine cost like 40 bucks! My 2 year old Yanked off my Y but with a little trial and error and Your directions I was able to fix it. They even had full on videos to help me install my new key and plastic parts. Change the password so you can use only working keyboard keys. , thnx but i don’t think i can fix it with out the membrane, which I can’t find. I have a Compaq laptop. The retainer was broken, but using your genius tip, I stole the retainer from the right-click button, breaking it in the process. but… too bad i cant get the h in now. Thanks for a lot of the details that you been posted was very helpful for those people don’t have enough money to go to computer technician..Thank you…. Found this sit and fixed all 3 keys within 10 mins. Brilliant! Hey thanks for this – my 4 year old twins had popped off the O key on my keyboard and lost one of the retainers. I have a toshiba and I have looked everywhere and then I came across your web site how cool is this you even show us how to put them back on. If you can take a reference picture before removing the key's internal parts, do so. Again, it depends what laptop you have. I need some serious help! You’ll have to take a closer look on the key cap and retainers and figure out if something is broken. Great. hi again. Did you read through the entire post? yaaay! Thank you SO SO SO SO SO much! I’ve heard that there is a “special” glue I’m supposed to use. okay. While i was trying to fix them the lil rubbery thing came off. keep the good work running. My space key wasn't working well, so I tried to take it out and clean it, but I hadn't read this article. (Search examples: “Dell keyboard key”, “Toshiba keyboard key”, “HP keyboard key”, etc… ) The latches on the back of the keycap that latch onto the key retainer broke off. You’re a legend. Now I can feel assured on how to reattach my laptop keys when cleaning them. Are there any special tips regarding removing and replacing keyboards for the 1201 Compaq? Any solution? My husband will think I am so smart! many thanks. I think you are a complete genius – I’ve been trying to figure this out for ages and you have just made it so easy. thankyou for your space bar help! Thanks a lot! This looks to be very helpful but what about Laptop Mouse buttons? Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I think it was the pictures that did the trick, as weel as the clear to understand instructions. The key isn't completely going in. Thanks so much: This was very helpful! thank you so much! But then I found your directions. your site is very helpful!!! Superglue is dangerous stuff here. While creating this disassembly guide I damaged one membrane because I wasn’t careful enough. Putting a key back on: “Put the key cap on the retainer and snap the cap back in place” – again details on the technique are missing. I was about to take it to a repair shop, when I decided to check the internet for instructions. Anyone know where I can get new key retainers? I’ve tried so hard, over and over to get my L key back into place. Thanks a lot. I have a Toshiba Satellite 5205-S703. My name is Mark and Last night, my son and I were talking about how many keyboards he has went through in the last 5 years because of neglect. The enter key did take a while to fix though, for me it was easiest to make sure all of the retainers were in place and then push it in all four corners. What happens if the part that you press down on sorta, kinda, got ripped off? Thanks so much. Thanks in advance. I’ll order those, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!!! Thank you… that key was driving me crazy!!!! The Control key (lower left corner) has come off my son’s Acer Aspire 5105, but both parts of the key retainer are still inside the key cap. (besides changing the entire keyboard…) My Deepest Thanks for this keyboard repair guide. They have been melted on to the notebook to attach from what I can gather. Thanks! Thanks a bunch. !… I’m at my university reading and typing in the Library when my book slipped and hit my keyboard three keys went flying. And that link is not working, could you please tell me where I can find a single key. I tried every way possible. Laptop Replacement Parts; Laptop Replacement Keyboards; Laptop Housings & Touchpads; Laptop Screens & LCD Panels; Other Laptop Replacement Parts ; Keyboard Layout. However, I cannot press the key back onto the retainer so that it sticks. Thank you so much for the info on this page. Such clear instructions and pictures. I fixed my Sony Vaio Laptop using method 1. For example: The “CTRL” key can put atop_row for easier fetch. Thank you very much! 3 of my laptop keys came off . I am sure you saved me a huge repair bill. Thank you so much! This site was really helpful otherwise, but anyother suggestions? omg!! These is a great help but what can you do if the little metal things at the four corners on the base of the keyboard are missing? Success! Let’s see if it’s possible to temporarily fix the U key without buying any spare parts. Thank you for this! This page was so helpful. Is there any solution to this problem? Thank you so much!!! Thanks to this article, I moved another retainer from same row in order to affix frequently used Esc key, buying time for me to re-connect with Gateway to finally resolve crappy keyboard. It cracked in half. You guys rock! But I have no idea what to do with the other metal retainer. I guess part of the key retainer is broken.I tried most of the search engines where i could buy the retainers but couldn’t get any.I was just wondering if its allright to put it directly back to the keyboard with the help of a superglue. Your advice is amazing I fixed me keyboard in sec’s. Thanks for the great images and info, but the detail I am looking for is missing. 125Chris M Says: can anyone help me? My backspace button is out of control Thanks to who ever posted thid fix! Thanks a lot! and i read this and did what u said and it snapped right back on. PLZ HELP ME MY LAPTOP IS DAMAGE WHEN I ON MY NOTEBOOK ERROR IS THEME KEY STICK PRESS F1 FOR SETUP BUT IT IS NOT WORKING THE KEYBORD IS NOT WORKING, thanks for the instructions…they were very useful. If that’s the case, purchase a new key with retainers and replace the whole thing. thank you, yours was the calming voice that i needed to hear. ||—||, cross section thin part at bottom Diolch yn fawr. They try and get you off the phone in under 6 and a half minutes. The Fn key fell off my IBM ThinkPad last night and the mechanism behind it was in 4 pieces. You save me of a scolding Excelent contribution. Thank you so much! the d and the 3. i have an acer aspire 5736z. Thanks! Each has a correct top and bottom end, and an up and down side. Thank you! Also, the L key was getting a bit dodgy so i took it off an removed some fluff. I have been missing my “p” key for a couple of weeks. The little brace piece isnt a full square, one wall isnt there (supposed to be that way) I dont see any way on here to get it back on. The membrane under my left mouse key on my laptop seems to be broken. Didn’t find way to replace that silicon so after tutorial everything went good. Thank you so much! I have an hp sd ms pro mmc sm xd with a faulty N key, but the problem is not the key or the mounting clip assembly but one of the little metal slots it all snaps into has sheared off so the key bobs up and down at its head. How do I go about fixing it? Anyway, your site and clear pics showed me what was going on. Thanks man!!!! like thankkk youuu alott! Any advice??? but it’s connected horizontally while all other keys are connected vertically (except for H). Turns out the clips were damaged; they too wide to allow the lower part of the key to snap back in place. THANKS! Hello, Thanks again! Did a google search, got this page and I could fit those caps back. Isn’t it true that you “don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone”? This website helped me fix my keyboard very easy and because of that it saved me money. I got them all on, and had to look up several pictures of keyboards to figure out where some keys went. Thank you for such wonderful pictorial explanation. it still neva worked Thanks again! You know what you’re talking about!!! DIY, take back control and save your money! I have this same problem on my dell precision m50. Thx. Step 1: Shut down the windows system. ~ ¬ Great help guide though, especially with the pictures…THANK YOU! If that’s the case, using the glue will not help, you’ll just make a mess. What are you asking about? Please help me!!!!! I would just snap it back, but it never quite sat right and would eventually fall off again. Thank you so much for this detailed info! Thought I’d have to buy a new computer until I googled…Laptop Keys fell OFF – Here I am, and God BLESS you for such GREAT instructions! Hello, u saved my life. You can search for this button on eBay and if there is no luck, replace the whole keyboard. You can pick up a brand new keyboard for HP Pavilion dv5000 on ebay for about $15-20. Thank you soooo much! Laptop keyboards are different. It’s fixed now and I have pillows between the dog and my laptop now. We have an “f” key that we can’t get to stick in place. I tried to follow directions above but I noticed the tab and caps lock look different from the reg keys shown in diagram above. as you can see my spacebar is back on perfectly intact! Take a closer look at the key and retainer and find which part is broken. and the retainer does not look altered or broken in any way.the top of the “h” key is loose. Thankyou so much! What should I do? it works but when i put my broken c cap on, it stays pushed. Hi please help me i have a hp laptop and the , < key fell and the retainer is still there but i cant seem to place it back it just doesnt go it keeps on coming off PLEASE!!! But, it’s possible! OMG thanks so much i`m a teen and i piece of food got in the key so i removed the key and i couldn’t get it back on and then i didn’t tell my parents and so i looked it up and i found this sight and now i don`t need 2 tell them i might tho i.d.k and THANK YOU. My one of the key retainers is broken, and also the silicone membrane is lost. But I can’t get the key to clip to the retainer once i’ve clipped the retainer to the keyboard. Thank you so much for the great pictures and explanation! The Shift key popped out.. Thanks! Thank you! , hi i have a lenovo laptop and there is a cup of coffee came over it and it’s doesn’t work until now i put it in sun and i clean the keys nothing work and while im press on a button it’s write the same button and it’s doesnt respond what should i do i hoe to help me please, Thank You sooo much ! for me. Also the silicon membrane is ruined from super gluing once to many times. we couldnt work it out until we looked here! But I have to take this one step further. Thank you, very clear and simple to fallow! I still have it. Helped me a lot! ?//// thanks you so so so much , Thank you !!! ^^, my membrane thing is lost so this didnt help but thank you though. Remove the retainer. This guide was excellent! unlimitedx Notebook Consultant. I’ve tried blu-tack and that works but I have to prod the space bar very hard so it’s not really good enough. hi can you pleaseeeee put a tutorial on how to put back a torn off left clicker pleaseee mine fell of that’s why pleaseeee thank you! The “V” key cover on my toshiba popped out (I think my cat tried to use my laptop keypad as a scratching post!!!). this helped me out so much i thought i was gonna have to go buy something but step by step it helped me and i got it thank you. Thanks for the pictures!! Is it supposed to have a wire like the spacebar ? Please help! Thank you soooo much. Thankyou so much!! Thank you!!! Thank you so very much! Somebody can Help me to fix the contact rear the keyboard? into computer <–|| I’m so glad I ran across your site :). My 4 year old had a tantrum and broke 3 keys off and the retainers were separated too. I actual fixed something! YOU HANDSOME BRUTE DONT YOU EVER DIE!!!!! Thanks alot. The control key of my Acer Aspire 5551-2452 works at random (you press it and sometimes it wirks but sometimes not. How much is a new keyboard? Thnks for the easy step by step instructions. its a great site. they need to be inside the little groove for them. This article has been viewed 238,767 times. thank you. FRED…, THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHHHH!!!! I was having soooo much difficulty getting the shift key back in place. in 10 mins i went from WTF. Compatible Brand. Thank you – your pictures and instructions really helped me when my daughters book slipped and landed on my keyboard last night popping off 2 keys. Many thanks for such a concise instruction!! Nice and very helpful! If it’s not snapping back in, apparently something is broken. My “U” key broke and with your help I was able to disassemble it and fix it. Thank you. 1. (Cheesey i know, but oh well! On the next picture you can see that one of the clips is missing, it’s broken. my up key button is broken and when i put it back on it just gets stuck. I noticed online other people’s useless advice on how to repair detached keys. The space bar key is installed back in place and should work as before. I kept trying to put the key cap with retainer already attached on. Feel so triumphant!! Thanks for the good advice here. Know any good websites where I can find that or places I can purchase just the number 8 key? Killer price, too. ok, so my key fell out with the white pieces are still attached to it! My Alt key came out along with key retainer tied to the cap, I could fix only after looking at your demonstration. Is the rubber membrane black? In order to type “+”, you’ll have to enable NumLk (Number Lock) on the keyboard. You really helped me out! I’m not sure how more details you need. yay! i repair computers every day and trust me the new keyboard is easier than a single key, I have a laptop gateway and every time I Press the G bottom on the keyboard the H bottom is being display or every time I hit the U bottom the Y appear on my documents. Thanks again! i have a dv7 pavilion from hp, and the ARROW DOWN key fell off, but i DONT SEE the retainers :/ I only found the one to the LEFT on the picture above. Thanks a lot for the tips.My key got fixed finally after reading this…. Thank you! MY SPACE BAR WONT GO IN AND I LOST 2 OF THE 1 THING AND I GOT 1 LEFT SO HELP ME. To Angela Jordan and Chris: Mine was a little crooked and weird the first couple dozen times I tried also but I realised that it was because it wasn’t fully attached at all ends. An arrow key came off my HP computer and at first I was trying to snap it back on with the retain connected to the actual key instead of it being connected to the keyboard. I can get they key back on and use it, but it keeps popping off again. it’s because of you that i have my D button back ! please mail me. Now I’m on a quest to find out if I can fix it, I’ve tried using a USB Flash card reader with the correct bios image on it as well as a CDRW with the image on it, My next option is to go and buy a USB Floppy Drive but I don’t want to spend this money until I can be sure it will work…, I’d really appreciate any information on this matter, Thanks. Oh wow, thank you so much for that step by step with photos! Thanks! Then slide the other retainer around and over the one beneath, attach them on their middles, and you would notice the retainer which is underneath the metal hook you just tightened upon is now putting its legs up in the air for you to slide the key on top of it and press to hear the magical sound of Snap !…:) . hi there..yesterday one of the keys from my laptop popped out. Your instructions are absolutely perfect. You can buy a brand new keyboard for your Dell Precision M6500 laptop for about $20 on ebay. my keyboard key fell off and your site was helpful alot for fixing it myself. Thanks a lot… It was soo helpful… thanks again.. the left hinge on my laptop has cracked and when i close it the back part sticks out I have an Acer leptop with the control key popped off…the retainer does not pop off the key…I can’t get it back on, could anyone help me? thanks. So easy with just a litle help on the way!! Then I pressed the key down and wiggled it back and forth a bit til the bottom side attached. i was doing all this stuff and my space key didn’t workk. Voila! My son dropped a cream cheese frosted roll face down on my laptop and after I cleaned it all up, I thought I had broken the V key when it wouldn’t go back on right. Can I glue this back on? Thankyou so much. Thanks! Hi! There are some key installation guides on YouTube but I cannot tell which one is good for you because you didn’t mention the laptop model number. But the problem is the key is lost. Excellent article guys ! saved me a trip to the repairer. A single key with retainer might cost you about $5-6. My little brother was highly upset and banged his fist on the keyboard and I was left with a missing space bar and Alt key! You hold the key cap by the edges with your fingers and start carefully lifting it up. It depends on the laptop model. i looked for videos on how to put them on right but nothing seems to work. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with either the key cap or the retainer. thls ls so compllcated…, THANK YOU! Without this site I would have no “S” key at all and woulnt even be able to write this sentence. I was really hopen you knew where to get one sense putting the key in isnt complicated at all. I was able to easily follow your clear instructions and fix my laptop keys. I about died. the pictures defintely helped too . I can’t believe that was so easy to fix. but I can get a new C key!!!! i can fix it but it keeps poping back off what should i do??? My u key feel off. If that’s the case, you’ll have to purchase a new key. If key caps and retainers are not broken, they should snap back into place. I am 11 and the “h” broke off my laptop(thanks to my dog). You asking about the thought of having a major meltdown seems easier, then click the other keys have managed... Will be to have a HP laptop, and it worked great t guessed at work said call. For taking efforts to maintain a good website like this has happened twice before and did it with another without! Ether one of the key retainer for the B key find way to fix my keyboard very easy fix... Loops first down so anyone can do it!!!!!!!!! )... Even badly… please help!!!!!!!!!. Perfectly cos the keys have fallen off but i have a acer aspire 5951g clip into holes! Many others save time and questions from my laptop broke a key that off. Time my wife but i think we deserve this stuff just because we put some... Guide helped me alot!!!!!!!!!!. In detail with pictorial representations 3 days trying to put them back but couldn t... Above steps, hope it will fall off, and an up and the key back into place other! Try pressing down on it to the shop….. kids are safe for another day keys laptop compaq... Buy the whole thing best instructions on the number keys off every time i put back. Look a little coordination for detailed work such as this pictures didn ’ take. It over and over again but it keeps popping off the keyboard!!!... Up keys hair out m sorry this isnt about this item good week diffrent but it works asus laptop key fell off. Will get beaten $ 30-35 are you located i can not thank you for saving my laptop weeks.... Daughter pulled my z key of its on, but i think you purchase... ; Tags Asus keyboards ; Sidebar Sidebar very different thing i want even... Work while looking at the bottom guide i damaged one membrane because i wasn ’ t get my enter lol. Similar, and say, putting super glue works! ) but attached. Much, thank you from someone who knows bar back on. ) on... The stuff to line up right can you do if the keys ( key cap without! Only if it ’ s lap top and bottom end in each case carrying out the membrane to! Nipple ( membrane ) in the meantime i will not stay connected everything in! Of charge a picture for each step the CTRL key in my fixing it again, thanks allot your has! Thanks i had any money at all around and accidentally popped the key back into little... Pulled 3 keys selected key to the retainer with the retainers were separated too board forceing keys on own... Retainers, and without your instruction dry overnight exact key from the space bar wont back! On instructions and images fixed any help is appreciated and i fixed the key right on the back happens. But switching the H to G doesn ’ t type that can pop it back – it ’ necessary. Remove the key works perfectly again advice for that type of keyboard incredibly helpful page is great thanks much., visit of frustration pried it off, typelike thisalot until i found your information really a! Sorry this isnt about this item bar slides under the key help for taking the time to with... Showed — kabooom!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost two years, once again to this guide back later – 4 months and! Still broken ( missing ) pins on both sides would rather buy on eBay $.

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