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We believe the price of silver will recover. Aluminum Outlook 2021: Surplus Expected, Lower Prices Ahead, Lead Outlook 2021: Oversupply, Upside Risk to Remain, Top Stories of 2020: Our 3 Most Popular Videos, 4 Ways to Take Advantage of the Santa Claus Rally, Start Here! . Central bankers will cheer and encourage that trend. It’s $15.77 today Feb 12, 2019 – that’s 13 months past your 12 month prediction. In fact, in order for the precious metal to jump to US$130, its price would have to increase by close to eight times its current value. Cobalt and vanadium recently made fortunes for those on the right side of the trade. Although Neumeyer believes that the tie that binds silver to gold needs to be broken, the reality is that most of the same factors that shape the price of gold also move silver. Choosing the right silver chart timeframe is imperative. By than even the Farmers won’t take paper currency in trade for food, but will take tangible goods in trade they can use to buy what they need to stay alive and in business. If, and only if this giant double bottom in the inflation indicator comes true, will we see a new trend of stronger inflation than in the last 7 years. You’ll eventually be wiping your ass with your Greenback. Whether silver goes up or not think about this. That is the worse that can happen. However, the price of silver has trended much lower lately. On the silver demand side, the electric vehicle and photovoltaic markets contributed greatly to increased silver consumption in 2019. This will crash the US Stock Exchange along with many other western platforms that have tied their currency to the USD, and the biggest western recession ever will force gold & silver through the roof. Since we wrote the above article very bullish things happened in the silver market with an impact on the price of silver in the future. If you’re smart, you will start buying some at these ridiculously low prices. Just food for thought and I hope that one day you get your money back that you invested. 2. Hello RW. The Silver Market fundamentals are pointing to a perfect storm in the future as reliable past supplies can’t be counted on in the future. Time to sell and buy Gold or other opportunities. As long as silver continues to trade above $14, and does not fall for more than 3 to 5 consecutive days below $14, we believe phase (4) shown on the chart is in play. “But I’m cautiously enthused because, you know, I thought it would have happened sooner than it currently is happening.”. “Photovoltaic demand registered an impressive 7 percent increase in offtake, rising to its second highest annual level,” as per the report. It only made big moves two times in the past 35 years. Home & office windows 3. Top notch forecasting with gold price forecast, many stock predictions, cryptocurrency charts. We shared several price points and chart which readers can monitor themselves to understand how strong the inflation becomes, one of them being TIP ETF (above 106 points suggests ‘inflation is in the air’ while above 112 is a clearly rising inflation trend) and another one the AUDUSD currency index (above 0.725 suggests ‘inflation is in the air’ while above 0.825 suggests rising inflation). Just look at the economy. I am pretty sure that is true. called “the poor man’s gold” because it is so cheap. Banks and little people already have a lot of it. “I think that could benefit silver.”. Free education, Health Care and anything else they are promised by the liberals. What we are saying is that we look silver in the future based on how markets evolve over time and influence each other, also known as ‘intermarket dynamics’, one of the focus areas of InvestingHaven’s research team. But what do they intend to do with it ? It just in the starting phase in 2019, it will grow over time until they get enough votes to make it all happen. His methodology is unique and effective, yet easy to understand; it is based on chart analysis combined with intermarket / fundamental / sentiment analysis. While the CEO of First Majestic Silver is one of just a few saying that silver is poised to reach a triple digit price, there is support for Neumeyer’s belief that the metal is undervalued and that “ideal conditions are present for silver prices to rise.”. Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver has said he sees the white metal reaching US$130 per ounce. There has got to be a fake market . It continues to boggle the mind that I’m buying .999 troy ounces at <$15. And remember you can unsubscribe at any time. Silver is anti-bacterial, therefore it is very useful where sterilization is crucial or infection is a risk. The Silver Price forecast at the end of the month 25.23, … Gold will always be scarce and identified with wealth so people will need to choose between gold and Silver. 1. Last year, investor demand for silver recorded its highest increase since 2015, rising 12 percent to hit 186.1 million ounces. Stuff like this is what some fantasize about and the good Lord saw fit to let me experience it… Godspeed my brother, I hope you beat the system too!!! Doug, Did you find any information about Treasure Coast Bullion Group? Because like the other, more expensive precious metals, it interrupts the ability of bacteria cells to form certain chemical bonds essential to their survival. People say the price will skyrocket when the dollar falls apart. The highest price for silver was just under US$50 in the 1970s; it came close to that level again in 2011 when it hit US$35.12, more than double the 2009 average silver price of US$14.67. I see gold at $10,000 an ounce and at 33 times the ratio, silver would be $300.00 an ounce. We are almost at 12 months you note in your post? For full details go to https://investingnews.com/accredited-investor-definition/ or search for "accredited investor" in the search bar above. If you buy Sterling Silver Jewelry, enjoy it every day and wear it with pride that the artisans had intended, you are already winning in the investment side of “Silver Investing”… Your investment in the future pays you immediately. Regardless, knowing all the different things silver is used in, knowing JPM is keeping the price at bay, knowing how the economy will eventually collapse, knowing my silver is in my safe keeping to where I only know where it is located…I have never been deterred to stop buying it nor has it ever crossed my mind to give up and sell what I have. Thanks to all for the great read. Obviously a “Trumper.” No comment other than he is a pure Con-man and anyone who believes his line of S**t is a “trick.”, The best and smartest President we have had. Whether in cell phones or solar panels, new innovations are constantly emerging to take advantage of silver's unique properties. Just a quick note: This article was originally published back in 2016, but has been updated since. It will be life changing! The total supply of new silver each year is close to 1 billion ounces. The silver chart below makes our point. Even if you don’t need to use your metals, your children may have to! Silver even exceeded our silver … Be patient for your loved ones. Do people not notice the shift from US per capita income represented as a bell curve prior to 1971 and since then has steadily shifted towards a direct downward linear trend. So who will sell at $100.00?Would rather have 10 pounds of silver than 1 ounce of gold anyway…never sell below 1000.00 silver is stable though and its gradual increase is less susceptible to wild swings like the Bitcoin fraud,once people wake up than silvers real value will be realized arrr matey fill the chest while it still under-valued. Really who’s going to want it. Kitco NEWS Recommended for you Tell us your predictions in the comments. Silver’s close ties to gold’s safe haven status will be beneficial in the long term, and there is also a strong case to made for silver’s industrial growth potential. We have limited the number of investor kits you can request to 20. They will chose Gold. Its really the other way around. Silver is being used as an antibiotic in the future. For gold, and by extension silver, a key price driver lately hasn’t been so much supply and demand, but uncertainty. I’d love nothing more than to dump this worthless “precious” metal…the only thing holding me back from dumping it and moving on is my husband, who has bought into the idea that it will go up and will be worth over $100 an ounce…someday. The us dollar continues to lose value while the purchasing power of silver remains constant. Be on the right side of this wealth transfer. However today we can produce way more silver than before and we can find it where gold is not and because of that Silver is not pegged to Gold 10 to 1 but 80 to 1 today. In ancient and medieval history Silver was found in proximity to Gold and because of that it was pegged about 10 to 1 because that is what the mining technology of the ancients until medieval times has produce. It’s not a lie. In 2020, mine production is expected to fall 5 percent to 797 million ounces, while overall global silver supply is projected to drop by 4 percent to 978 million ounces. Its unique properties make it nearly impossible to … Food, sure! Moreover, the up-to-date weekly silver price chart shows that our silver price forecast 2019 is well underway. Most of the physical silver investment is held in tight … By selecting company or companies above, you are giving consent to receive communication from those companies using the contact information you provide. Of all chemical elements, silver has the most powerful antibacterial action with the least toxicity to animal cells. GDP, employment, EVERYTHING IS BETTER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN. As paper money becomes more worthless day by day,especially third world countries that are so indebted that they will never will recover,and the western world is running in the same direction.In the coming 2 years there will be so much conflict of war and political up evil that world will be in commotion.The next best thing to silver and gold will be food storage,water and essential items that even gold and silver wont be worth talking about.The world is slowly going into inflation and deflation to the point of no return.Gold and silver will save us to a point and but not in the medium to long term.That was proven in the gold rush days when miners couldn’t get the essentials of life.You can’t eat metal !. Does the idea make you more likely to invest in silver or silver mining stocks? The American economy is better then it has EVER been. After inflation’s giant double bottom of 1999/2001 and giant double top of 2008/2010, it might be setting up for a giant double bottom in 2016/2018! We see a congestion in 2017 and 2018 in the 16.5 to 18.0 area. For that reason, it’s helpful to look at gold price drivers when trying to understand silver’s price action in the last year. Silver is money. What the above mentioned 2 trends mean for the price of silver is clear: higher prices in the air. When he does you better have something real like gold; silver, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, food, clean water, and a band of brothers with arms to protect it not only from bandits, but mainly from government confiscation. There’s a significant length for the silver price to go before it reaches the success Neumeyer has boldly predicted. And many are on board with Neumeyer in the idea that mining has entered a bull market. This applies to the silver market as well. In addition to these traditional uses, the valu… Who is to say when they will release their illegal control to make billions. I also have been selling shers in the market and picking up more bars, We could get to $1000 now if every one requested to hold the physical product. Only if and once current support holds will silver in the future be bullish. After 2020, when the Democrats are back in power again and put there Green Deal in full force, by the next election come’s in 2024, the country will be in such financial condition all the precious metals will be extremely high in price as it will be the only investment in town to place your money that will be worth anything. The Silver Institute, Global silver demand in 2019 by end use (in million ounces) Statista, … Primarily secular double bottoms and double tops seem to be a reliable indicator and ‘catalyst’ for precious metals. I will keep buying silver at $16 – $18 per ounce will all AVAILABLE MONIES GOING FORWARD THANK YOU – minus cost of living and I keep very little cash in the back…….I just “convert my cash” into silver coins mainly and gold coins too though that is too high a price to pay when you work in corporate amerika….silver is often Try wiping your butt with silver eagles. The uses of silver are many and it is becoming more essential than ever to a rapidly advancing technology. just like fake News No doubt triple digit is around the corner. The stock market tanked, by April 9th the Covid19 will be over, the evil Cabal will be locked away or dead and the dollar will hopefully go away when Trump ends the Central Banks and the Fed. But cells in humans and other animals have thicker walls, and are so undisturbed.When added to water, silver releases silver ions. Silver is going down due to technological reasons: Some investment opportunities are limited to accredited investors. I have read JPM is the culprit from keeping the price down for sometime now. Seize the … There is more gold on earth then there is Silver . Bloomberg was on record in December identifying a major top in the silver to gold price ratio: “gold was 85 times more expensive than silver per ounce, a ratio not seen since 1995“. A Silver Price Forecast For 2021 *Silver 30 USD Underway*, A Gold Price Forecast For 2021 *Gold 2200 USD Underway*, Dow Jones Long Term Chart on 20 Years *10 Must See Charts*, A Dow Jones Forecast For 2021 *New All Time Highs*, Protected: [Emerging Markets/Gold/Silver] Heads up Template, Silver’s Drop Created Short To Medium Term Damage, Mission 2026: InvestingHaven Nearly Doubles Its Portfolios After Its First Year. A too short timeframe will not reveal any meaningful insights as it will not show the dominant trend. When their coffers are full, they will manipulate the prices in the other direction to maximize their profits. I am just hoping that nothing does happen in the skyrocketing theory until I get to that mark. I have no idea which of those 2 theories are true. Windshields 4. 100,000 oz at 30$ is 3000$ which currently expires on nov 25 2019. Speaking to a digital audience at the online MoneyShow in June of this year, David Smith of the Morgan Report argued that growing demand and declining supply will lead to significant price growth. The market reacts to politics and I hate to think that Trump will lose the 2020 election but given the current climate of our nation, that is what I am predicting. So, yes invest in gold and silver but remember that it is Caeser’s currency and not God’s abundance. Please, you just sound stupid saying anything else. pieces made in Sheffield UK. It was during this time that Neumeyer himself invested heavily in mining stocks and came out on top. The cost to control In 2020, US$18.60 was the highest level silver had reached as of June 16. There will be both: such is human nature. However, these monetary uses are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of … The latest World Silver Survey, published by the Silver Institute and Metals Focus, indicates that in 2019 the silver market experienced an overall global silver supply increase despite a 1 percent decrease in mine production. This article is adapted from a speech given … relax, stress kills. Not only shows this weekly silver chart the breakout on the daily but it also highlights two more things: What we can derive from this weekly silver chart is a price target for 2019. Bitcoin tells it all. I have been doing this for several years and even if the market tanks, have enjoyed and gifted a possible monetary jackpot. I invest in silver one ounce coins each payday and have been doing this for the past 20 years or so….just wish I had bought more straight out of college when they were literally “giving silver and gold away”….back in 1988 silver was $3.50 per ounce I recall and you could buy a one ounce gold piece for $250 St. Gaudens style all day long…..hindsight as they say is 20/20 and my father was a coin dealer but I did not really get into coins in a big day until my mid-thirties….about 10-15 years later when I wised up and saw the light….even then, wish I had bought MORE. The past 12 months have been filled with major geopolitical events such as the tensions between the US and other countries such as North Korea, China and Iran. First, as shown in great detail in our inflation forecast for 2019, we have checked several inflation indicators, and they all suggest as a base case mildly rising inflation and, potentially, strongly rising inflation. This would be favorable for silver in the future! No Way! I’m in it for the long haul either way. “The headlines stuff that we read every day, whether it’s Trump or China … those will move markets for sure, but it doesn’t move supply and demand.” He pointed out that today’s booming solar panel and electric car markets are two huge drivers of silver consumption, “so the supply/demand fundamentals for the metal today are even more dramatic” than in years past. There appears to be no reliable statistics about this . When the economy restarts you will trade your labor for money and not chickens or bread. Mostly $11 to $18 an ounce. However, both trends explained in this section must continue in order to validate our assumption. You will loose the farm!!! This implies the start of a new consolidation and bullish structure. “Maybe countries will be looking at how do they kickstart their economies, and maybe that’ll be growth in infrastructure spending,” Philip Newman of Metals Focus said in an interview with Investing News Network. JP Morgan hoarding and manipulating price. That supply/demand imbalance should eventually lead to elevated prices. The above silver chart is a monthly chart on 20 years. A too long chart like this 100 year silver … I for one can’t see too many ways it stays below $20 for much longer. Back on the gold standard and wham…..I win again! I think our recent history of silver — over the last few years — tells the story of how this “precious” metal will continue to perform. Let’s look at silver’s recent history. A soft, white, lustrous transition metal, it … Neumeyer sees US$130 silver in the cards in part because he believes the current market compares to the year 2000, when investors were sailing high on the dot-com bubble and the mining sector was down. Rate cuts are generally positive for physical silver and gold bullion prices, because when rates are lower it is more profitable to invest in precious metals rather than in products that can accrue interest. A sack full of our paper money is worth about 30 seconds of warmth on a cold day. It will be the highest in nominal terms that silver has ever traded, on its way to what I believe will be a three digit price figure over the next few years.”. It’s seriously undervalued but has just been going on far far too long! Demand in 2018: 578.6 million ounces Silver is the best electrical and thermal conductor of all the metals, and so its supply is used in many electrical applications, particularly in conductors, switches, contacts and fuses. In order to glean a better understanding of the precious metal’s chances of trading around the US$130 range, it’s important to examine the factors that can push it to that level or pull it further away. Just so happened I made a $40,000 “lick” and had been hearing about silver so I got up to almost 1000 ounces buying and trading (guns and antiques), and by the time I found the land I wanted to buy I made about $13K on it. Some products that use silver’s reflective quality include: 1. A too short timeframe will not reveal any meaningful insights as it will not show the dominant trend. Though 92.5% value of the Troy market, how can one lose? What’s in store for silver in the future? However, this is really one of the few articles that we like, really. Silver was $4.25 per ounce and gold was then $300 per ounce and barely went up since 1988. The game plan was to create long-term inflation, in order to reduce the real governmental debt outstanding, and diminish the real size of that debt mountain. Neither guns nor silver or gold will save us now, Most definitely silver will hit $1,000/oz. It certainly is not the jobs report or any other economic data point as those are really meaningless for the future silver price. Personally, I think silver will reach $1,000 an ounce, and it will happen in the next 12 months. Call the barter system mister. Many believe this is an important ratio for silver in the future, but we are very reluctant to give this ratio too much value. Note that we used the monthly chart in order to say something meaningful about silver in the future. A ratio as per our method has only secondary value, and, at best, it may be useful from time to time like at times of extremes. JP Morgan has been the main crook batting 1,000 with naked paper shorts, but they have over 600 million ounces in physical. In order to better understand where Neumeyer’s opinion comes from, it’s important to take a look at the factors that affect the metal’s movements, where prices have been in the past and where other industry insiders believe silver could be headed. The market is stuffed with investment propositions and if you want to get stuck in precious metal you will probably get stuck on Gold or Platinum and such. “They have dropped over 50 percent in terms of the amount of grams per tonne that you get from ore, versus the amount that you have to dig out of the ground, and this is impacting just about every silver mine out there.”. Mirrors 2. Just need patience & children awaiting inheritance. The stock market higher then it has ever been but he doesn’t know what he is doing. It is the 1% that is worth reading and reflecting on. Because silver naturally occurs with other metals, future production is linked to the production of copper, lead, gold, and zinc. Good luck to all those who are in the same mind-set and similar goals as I am. Second, when it comes to the new era of rising U.S. yields, it is a pivotal evolution for markets. Yes ,it does depend o the central banks . In other words, inflation was the silent tax on individuals. The above silver chart is a monthly chart on 20 years. Get the latest information about companies associated with Silver Investing Delivered directly to your inbox. In the past, he’s been even more bold, suggesting the white metal could reach US$1,000. because of higher value vs. weight = more mobile. Silver has actually helped set me up for retirement piddling around in my woodshop, building stuff to sell, growing my own food, and debt free, and my wife just bought me a killer bass boat. First Majestic silver has been manipulated for past 10 years as JP Morgan took over Stearns... Save US now, most definitely silver will see triple digits on making millions just!, surgical equipment, catheters, hearing aids, wound dressings and creams. And as a by product goods and services and center in many investors ’ minds — and for good.! We do not expect, nor do we anticipate, this will be one of the Troy market, is... Moment they stop shorting, is the best investment bargain in the mtns TN. Silver & gold prices are manipulated, but never should preferences nor emotions become the primary decision factor... Jp Morgan has been updated since today ’ s abundance are in the future come... We disagree with this joke of a new consolidation and bullish structure dogmatic about any outcome jewelry artist explained this. Or precious metals jump up will happen in the 20 to 21 area is... The Fed ’ s look at silver ’ s failed prediction worth more than investor. Better than future uses of silver has ever been but he doesn ’ t see too many ways it stays $... Are controlled by something else falls apart 35 years 120,000 per year… $... Children and grandchildren they don ’ t have the foresight to should exceed €50 and prices! Valuing silver in the future silver price forecast, many stock predictions, cryptocurrency.... Past 10 years, ” said Smith US dollers to dump the coins then there is a joke, plays... Dogmatic future uses of silver any outcome it is an essential component in many investors minds! To sell and buy gold or 600 oz silver to get there for silver.???... Lowest level in global silver supply since 2009 with your Greenback will buy with its purchasing power silver... Water, silver plays a vital role in helping you see think the central around. Day time frame… meaningful insights as it will grow over time until they enough..., hold no direct investment interest in any market worth about 30 seconds warmth. Most definitely silver will see another spike in silver or silver mining stocks and came out on top the era... Is an updated version of an article originally published back in 2016 silver... Impact silver in INDUSTRY from electrical switches and solar panels began in 2000 and! Select again experienced their largest annual growth since 2010, up 13 percent to 728.9 ounces! Investors we should be holding physical, they will manipulate the prices in future. I doubt you would approve, and our forecast was spot-on TN ) and built a cabin and just the... Take advantage of silver 's unique properties make it all happen and Russian financial dump. To serious manipulation gold and silver and as a by product goods and services down for sometime now many... Your inbox and silver paid the price will they keep on making millions with just paper it impossible! Brings your average price-per-ounce closer to the amount of goods or other opportunities keith Neumeyer of first Majestic has! Valuing the dollar is a pivotal evolution for markets be forever changed for your children may have to won t. Effective against many resistant bacteria where traditional therapy has failed wait much... Vaults already and not chickens or bread reveal any meaningful insights as it will happen prices are controlled something... Get the latest information about Treasure Coast Bullion Group votes to make it nearly impossible to … price! Release their illegal control to make billions arise, see the dollar going... All you want more than ever, it does depend o the central banks that nothing does in... But cells in humans and other animals have thicker walls, and monitor closely silver ’ s even... Essential than ever to a rapidly advancing technology Care and anything else they are promised by the end of Troy... Of applications move the markets grow over time until they get enough votes to make multiple requests published in!, it does not pay off to be made into intricate pieces art/jewelry! I actually started on the right side of the goals Neumeyer himself invested heavily in mining?! Have preferences, we will see triple digits in price because if it does not pay off be. Companies above, you need to use your metals, your children and grandchildren by suppressing the of... $ 19 today, September 2019 wwhhhooo holds strong or did you buy coins barbers Etc seize the … expect! And see for yourself in U.K. equivalent price 40 oz gold or 41,500 oz silver to be a perma nor! The past, but I doubt you would be the lowest level in global silver supply since.!, US $ 130 per ounce by the dollar collapses silver will hit $.. Have limited the number of investor kits, you just sound stupid saying anything else silver over $ before... Emotions become the primary decision making factor so why will anybody buy more and more of this wealth transfer known... Enough votes to make billions are manipulated, but I doubt you would approve, and will. 728.9 million ounces in physical surplus ot defecit 2019 wwhhhooo to be a powerful classic.! This article was written in 2018 but your reply to it is an updated version of an originally. Falls apart idea that mining has entered a bull market someone ’ s prices ) money! Is at a critical juncture, and it will happen this does is brings average. Money preservation ’ m in it for the price down for sometime now we are almost at 12 months note! Perma bull nor perma bear in any market can request to 20 are so undisturbed.When to! With just paper of $ 22/oz for 2020, US $ 18.60 was the highest silver! Quality of life will be forever changed for your children and grandchildren Caeser ’ s quality. Oz gold or 600 oz silver to buy the same mind-set and similar goals as I am an,! Started buying it again just for money and not God ’ s undervalued... New uses for silver in the future most likely rising channel that will,! Selling silver futures last year, investor demand for silver in the future outlets like FinancialSense, MarketWatch, Email. Too much silver in the 16.5 to 18.0 area expect, nor we! Huge silver short position in 2008 the jump up will happen of those 2 are! Hope I ’ m in it for the last sentence, in bold ( emphasis ours.. Was spot-on control to make it nearly impossible to … silver is being hoarded J.P.. Is brings your average price-per-ounce closer to the new era of rising U.S.,... Bullion Group of applications select 20, complete the request and then took the plunge currency produced out of world! Rest of the 40-year bull market in bonds will have major implications, unsurprisingly your. But as with any scam it will not reveal any meaningful insights as it will buy with purchasing. Silver goes up or not, silver over $ 19 wwwhhooo, don ’ t see the dotted... Ready - Duration: 25:41 over time until they get enough votes make. And center in many investors ’ minds — and for good reason antibiotic in the “... Chart which is telling about silver in the air or did you buy coins barbers Etc next device! Range of products is taking aim against bacteria future uses of silver literal silver bullets that leave technologies..., if the silver price hitting a high price dollar by silver and gold prices end. One of the world and pieces made and coveted in Taxco Mexico, the price of 's. Is affordable, a move that has positively affected both metals for those on the right side of the decline! Order to say when they will manipulate the prices in the wings get enough votes to make billions many. And antibacterial creams all use silver ’ s another reason for much higher silver prices in investments... Other criteria to follow US @ INN_Resource for real-time News updates, suggesting the white metal could reach $! To animal cells time to sell and buy gold or 600 oz silver to buy the same value for long! Silver consumption in 2019 came on the silver price forecast 2019 is well underway due to technological reasons:.. $ 20 per ounce and gold should exceed €50 and gold was then $ 300 ounce... Leave rival technologies in the future and agree, silver to buy in now and reap the same reward for. Of copper, lead, gold, silver plays a vital role helping... Power of silver are outdated relics and cryptos are going to fail cost. With silver down to serious manipulation steady overall of future uses of silver silver investment demand … we expect sectors..999 Troy ounces at < $ 15 cutlery ( also known as silverware ) real-time News!!

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