what to do with leftover quilt batting

(Read More). (again, to minimize any extra layers or bulk within your finished quilt). Take pictures of your quilt in process, email it to us, and we can let you know if we can help you get it finished. I buy larges batting, and use the scraps for practicing stitches on, and also making sizes down to a 4" cup mat for my desk . I dont know about you but I'm ready for some Chris, #allthethingsilove *All The things I love! If there is a use for it, we will find a way, right quilters? My friend uses them to make "envelopes" for holding kits that another friend uses in classes she teaches. I use that for my jewelry. 13. 51. When I have loose threads, I don't toss them over my shoulder, I toss them TO my shoulder. When I first saw the way the batting was put together I planned on cutting out the seam and joining it correctly. Use them in the winter to "chink" leaky windows or make draft stoppers. 43. Take your pieces to your machine and press the edges next to each other without overlapping. Clip the raw edges up to about 1/8 of the seams every 1/4" or so, and wash till it's fluffy. The bindings, once wrapped onto the cardboard strips can be stored in a plastic bin. Do you have a tub full of quilt batting scraps waiting for you to find a use for them? you have dust bunnies?? Clever Uses for Quilt Batting Scraps Premium Video Preview: Log in or become a member to get full access. I sew cotton batting scraps together to make rice bags. He is so very thrilled. Sewing scrap pieces together to make larger, bigger “new” pieces… thats like the very definition of what quilters do, isn’t it? I also sew larger scraps together and use them in my own personal crib-size quilts  1. Duration: 5:48 Become A Member. Another place I've donated leftover fabric is to a sewing circle at a local church. I decided to use the batting as it was and see how it worked. 56. You know the small drawers you can get from Walmart in the tool section that holds your nails, and bolts and washers? This piece right here…. Another placemat suggestion: I love to use my scraps for placemats for myself and to give as gifts. Every quilter I know has a container full of batting strips from when they square up their quilts after quilting before attaching the binding. BUT WITH BATTING! Make a little time to sew, you know you'll feel better. This completes a veritable trifecta of quilting waste prevention: Using practice pads as pre-quilted piecing foundation Joining little quilted bits into bigger quilted panels, and now, Piecing fabric onto batting strips Sigh of satisfaction. With just a strip of leftover fabric and a D ring, you can make these really cute kids belts. Sign up for the ISEESTARSQUILTING newsletter and get weekly emails with content not seen anywhere else. After adding the quilt top and backing, there were 7 layers to stitch through. 48. 6. use them to pretest thread tension settings by sandwiching pieces between muslin trimmings, cutting them into squares of 6-10 inches and moving the sandwich around under the needle as the machine runs in constant or manual mode and with the longer pieces, you can clamp to the take-up roller (I have PVC pipe clamps) and lean on the other end with your tum and also use that to test thread tensions.. More on those muslin sandwiches: use scraps with Muslin to practice machine quilting, but my difference would be that I often zig-zag stitch a bunch of them together to get a bigger piece (on my sewing machine), and this gives me a "challenge piece" because I sew all different types together, and I can see how my practice looks on different battings. A local bookstore has several hands-on activities for children, and they love to get my scraps, including the little pieces of batting." Houston TX 77095 Premium. Do you save your used batting scraps to use as fillers for pincushions and small pillows, dog beds, and random small projects here and there? Feb 10, 2019 - Explore Jen | de Jong Dream House's board "sewing :: uses for batting scraps", followed by 3647 people on Pinterest. If you would like to know more about batting check out my friend Carol's post about batting or this post I did awhile back - All About Batting, You might  also be interested in reading about 10 Ways To Cut A Fat Quarter. totally frankenbatting… but let’s keep that between you and me, ok? | All Rights Reserved, 10202 Palisades Lakes DR, Houston TX 77095 - 832-559-1190. How to Join Leftover Strips of Quilt Batting. I'm learning never to throw anything away. So the first picture is the leftover from my latest finish. If you get started, and don't feel you are going to be able to complete your quilt. It is a piece of my own “frankenbatting”. It worked well, and doesn't look so bad in the room. Trim up your leftover quilt batting scraps. 63. Anneliese. You can join quilt batting as much as you want because no one will know if your quilt has Franken-batting on the inside (sorry, Halloween is coming). 59. November 29, 2017. 4 . T-Shirt Quilts of Texas © 1. My husband just cannot quit looking at it. I cut them to fit on my Swiffer and use them to clean my wood floors. I have only been quilting for a year or so. Copyright © 2020 | ISEESTARSQUILTING LLC | PRIVACY POLICY. 52. They are always going through the trash cans and rescuing scraps that they want to keep. 57. This is a guide to help you learn the ins and outs of quilt batting. 20. <3, When sewing pieces of batting together, make sure the batting is of the same thickness. 14" x 20" pieces and add to whatever you choose for top and backing. – Except for a few small almost invisible seams, the piece should look just like normal quilt batting. 16. use small scraps for small projects like pot holders etc. Did you know that you can take the same principle and apply it to your sewing room? Give to guild members for craft projects - I try to remember to measure and tag scraps as to size just to know if they are big enough for table runners etc. Seaming quilt batting edge-to-edge to put scraps to use is easy to do as it only involves preparing the edge of the batting, then stitching across both edges to join the two pieces together. Aren’t sure how to use it? I find that this really helps to have your pieces cut as even and square as possible. I like to use a nice wide zigzag stitch with a long stitch. Cut into approx. If batting is all cotton, you could make a microwave potato or tortilla bag. The Cotton Theory uses small strips of batting. Julie Cefalu pieces sections together by machine for small projects including a Christmas wallhanging. 34. What To Do With Leftover Quilt Batting Scraps. I use some of my batting scraps to make quilted purses, 37. use for making the front portion of your anatomy appear to be more ample than it really is. 3. 27. Cut the leftover leftovers into 2" squares and use them to remove fingernail polish. The edges are pinned to keep the batting strips in place when rolling the quilt on the frame. If you have leftover […] I would feel lucky if I could find the right size pieces intact to make a small wall hanging or a mugrug. That is all it takes to use up your leftover quilt batting pieces and create brand new pieces… BIG pieces without spending anymore money. 30. 66. Another use for batting scraps - cut them in 5" squares and give them for auction items along with a pattern for one of the 'rag' quilts like the Christmas tree one. We usually have at least two leftover dinner nights in my house each week. Leave a comment below if … 44.. 42. Trim up your leftover quilt batting scraps. I cut some of the batting into squares to hook my earrings/pins onto for my garage sale........... 49. Use a thread that is very similar in color to your batting. Wadding was often made up from any type of filler that a quilter could find at the time. What else can you do with batting scraps? Lots and lots of uses. I am not sure how wide she cuts them, something like an inch or inch and a half. 54. Thank you. Purses? Regardless, I only recommend products or services that use personally and/or believe will add value to your quilting skills or life. Your work is excellent! I use batting scraps to pack in boxes when I send a package. Just something I figured out by making mistakes. Stitch your pieces together. The fabric gets cut into useable sizes and put into the scrap bins. I lay them on my quilts to take up the slack while I'm quilting a non-square, non-flat quilt. I place them between my good seasonal glass plates so they don't scratch each other. 67. I sew on a Janome 3160QDC. If you are a quilter, I am sure you have a lot of leftover pieces of quilt batting tucked in a drawer or container in your sewing room. Thank you! Use small piece of batting at your sewing table to collect loose threads ( I keep a stack of randomly cut rectangles at the end of my longarm table to collect thread scraps). Quilted bins? 10. I could see how if you did have a large background and used a bright colored thread, it might show through your finished quilting… a disaster! 12. I may or may not have created a new obsession for you, but I hate to see good money being thrown into our trash cans! I am absolutely obsessed with Modern Quilting. I make TONS of the raw edge quilts and have taught all my relatives to do likewise. They make great dusting cloths. I usually just use my standard white cotton thread. 17. Finally, if you’re going to do fairly dense quilting, you can always piece together leftover batting scraps from previous projects. These are easy, fast and help use up my fabric scraps, making great placemats or mats for tables under lamps, plants, etc. We try to make use of what we have so it doesn’t go to waste. Plus sometimes I use the practice quilts that I have my customers do when renting out my machine as the covering for the pet beds. ), Disclosure: To maintain this website, some of the links in the post above may be affiliate links. Don’t you? I use small, potholder size scraps to erase the black marker lines off my white board. Super happy to know there is a name for what I’ve been doing from the beginning of my quilting. 10202 Palisades Lakes DR 58. We also 'fix' quilts made by non-professionals. Frankenbatting works well with nice square corners and even rectangles. 3. (or the rest of the internet too, I guess… why not? Wrap it around the broom and use it to knock down the spider webs. But that batting? Thank you so much! 61. I've also taught school kids to make them, and our church quilting ladies. When using smaller, leftover pieces of batting for a quilt, are 1/4″ seams used? (check out free mug rug patterns that I share in this post), I overheard a term from another quilter in passing while shopping for fabric one day… she said, “I made a frankenbatting quilt with all of my scraps! ISeeStarsQuilting is where I share my tips tricks and tutorials for modern quilting as well as how to love life and live it creatively & passionately well. Our local hospital ladies auxiliary uses batting scraps to make "heart" pillows for heart surgery patients to hold to their chest when they have to cough or (heaven forbid) sneeze. Cut batting leftovers into dust "rags." Make minatures. The Moda Bakeshop offers another method for Piecing Larger Batting leftovers. Thanks to Karen Overton for many of these ideas from Quilts 'N Caboodle. Use small piece of batting at your sewing table to collect loose threads ( I keep a stack of randomly cut rectangles at the end of my longarm table to collect thread scraps). There are projects you can make with empty spools and cones. I also use them to clean the wheels and tracks. Here is how. Tuck a small piece under the bobbin area when my machine is parked. The practice muslin pieces I donate to the local animal shelter for doggie or kitty blankets. I use them for fill when I mail out quilts. 60. Are you over loaded with quilt blocks galore? Apr 16, 2020 - Explore Angie Howard Quistad's board "Quilt Batting", followed by 1466 people on Pinterest. That’s the whole idea, right? I prefer the term “collector” rather than “hoarder”… but if you don’t sugar coat it, the fact remains that after a while, my scrap drawer was over run with little saved bits and pieces. But the batting was barely big enough for the top and cutting it would have made it too small. 2. Her birthday is coming up, so you can expect another package from me once she decides which tee shirts she wants to memorialize. 25. Those pieces can be stitched together to obtain whatever size we happen to need. 36. Key Fobs - There are several patterns that use 2.5" strips of batting and it's perfect to use leftovers that you've been hanging on to. 5. have another one at the ironing station to collect threads that you trim off while ironing. Some may be similar, but that is OK. 29. 14. See more ideas about Quilt batting, Sewing projects for beginners, Quilting tips. If that interests you, you should to check the tension of my machine before quilting by making test quilt sandwiches. Use the tiny scraps of batting for smaller projects, instead of sewing together 15 pieces for a large quilt. New posts will not be retrieved. You can’t even tell!”, Us quilters like to come up with a million different acronyms and cute sayings and nicknames for all of our tools… we’re adorable, aren’t we? I have done strip quilts with strips 8" or wider batting just to practice on. Use for 'diaper' for your longarm. Use a rotary cutter and long ruler if you have them available. I use my extra batting for my dog kennels and even donate some to the local animal shelter. Privacy & Cookies: This site uses cookies. Then there are biscuit quilts, raggy quilts, raggy jackets, etc. What to do with left over quilt batting, and how do you join quilt batting Watch to find out. Quilts of Thanks needs 30 quilts by July 1, all going to disabled Vets and their service animals. If you have any batting scraps left (just kidding), tuck pieces of batting into the bottom of flower pots to cover the holes and keep the dirt in. "I am replying to Michelle's question about making a quilt from her father's plaid shirts and ties. 55. Got Batting? As a longarm quilter I have PILES and PILES of leftover batting scraps. I place small pieces of batting on the bottom of the drawer so my rings, necklaces, and bracelets don't slide around when I pull the drawer open. You could also make some cute coasters or maybe a padded strap for a camera? She saves those long strips you have left after quilting the top and cuts them into strips and rolls them into balls like string. Read ahead: What Is Quilt Batting? Where there's is a will there's is a way, so can we piece quilt batting? When you take away the scraps, the two pieces will fit together perfectly. Shadywood Quilts/T-Shirt Quilts of Texas is a full service professional business that can help you complete your quilt at most any stage. (96" width goes around a lot of times!). Lay our your frankenbatting pieces out on a table before you start layering your quilt sandwiches. Then sew all those squares together into a quilt with the raw edges all to one side, either the top or the bottom. 11. But, granted, some are similar. I have also given them to the Girl Scouts to sew together and use for their first quilts (usually one block pillows). Me too. Wall hangings? 53. That’s the whole idea, right? I cut my pieces of cardboard short enough that they could be placed sidewaysin the bin. I sometimes use my leftover batting to make pet beds for my animals. Membership Options. It is a very simple idea that makes use of all your odds and ends of scrap batting… even trimmings from your quilts! You can't tell when it's done anyway 47. 28. Actually, my trash guys LOVE my scraps. --Pat R. Spring, TX, The quilt arrived this afternoon in the mail. Use as snow at Christmas for decorating around little trees or your nativity scene. 😘. My question is about batting. Cut cotton batting into small squares and keep a stack next to my machine to collect thread snips, and an easy grab to wipe down oil leaks. Cut batting in 2" by 2" squares bundle a dozen together with ribbon and give them to customers for make-up removal. No bumps or uneven areas of your quilts will show because it is all the same … I am! 64. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. How about a *base for fiber post cards* and journal sized quilts? Two easy and fast ways to 'build' a new larger piece of batting. Quilted mobile phone cases are a great way to use up little bits. I just put all my scraps in a large zippered bag because I was being eaten alive with batting pieces. If you prefer not to have a straight-line seam, overlap your two pieces of batting about two inches, then cut in a large wavy pattern through the two layers. Always like to give more than expected. Let me know how YOU use batting scraps in the comment section. 19. (Shred into small pieces for best results) Whether we buy in those sizes or by the roll or batt, we end up with leftover pieces of batting we don t want to waste but don t know what to do with. 45. Make small (or really small) quilts. Make sure there there are no weird gathers, bumps or wrinkles! quilts in different size categories such as kennel quilts, placemats, mug rugs, wall, and table, etc. I use them to *wrap breakables* when mailing items. If not, shoot us an email, and let us know. If you’re in the market for a new sewing machine, check out this post: The Best Sewing Machine Deals on Amazon. 46. 2. 50. Kinda like bean bags. It stays in place and there is no additional bulk or different texture to the finished quilt. And that is that. We usually have at least two leftover dinner nights in my house each week. 15. Donate scraps to a group of ladies who make raggedy quilts for charity. 8. Did you know that you can take the same principle and apply it to your sewing room? … However, to a newbie or self-taught quilter, it doesn’t make for a very even playing field! A small piece of 80/20 batting around the thread in the guide on my serger type adapter *keeps the thread from knotting* or getting loose. What can you do with leftover batting? I am no exception. They were a huge hit and surprise at Christmas and my children and grandchildren will cherish them always. You can find glass plates at the dollar store making this a thrifty craft. I have used this technique for projects large and small! I’ll be honest, it feels really good to be able to use those scrap pieces and turn them into something beautiful! Frankenbatting works well with nice square corners and even rectangles. 35. give it to a friend that uses it for stuffing in teddy bears and animals she makes to sell at bazaars and craft sales. Get inspired and learn new quilting techniques and tips from friendly experts. I will either fold it over numberous times or use several leftover pieces together to get it as thick as I like for them. (WHAT? Quilting Questions; If this is your first visit to the Missouri Star Quilt Co's "Quilter's Forum", be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Wrap it around that casserole you are taking to the potluck. Sign up for premium membership and get access to our best quilting videos and projects. Take your pieces to your machine and press the edges next to each other without overlapping. I have made one of the table runners. Cut into 5" squares to use to make coasters. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. ?- LOL) Just throw it away, no messy broom bristles. I use really small pieces to wipe up scraps of cloth that have dropped on a smooth tile floor. Kind of the same idea as the sponge cube on the Gammill. Donate the batting scraps to your local senior center where they can be used to make small crafts. For me, those scraps include leftover quilt batting. Hi, I’m Christen! My sister thought I was crazy but she admired how I saved us money not having to buy batting so often. 22. whack off a chunk (whack off is technical term!) If you have leftover quilt batting scraps laying around, don’t just let them collect or *gasp* throw them away! I contribute it to anyone that will accept it -- quilt shops, church groups, school groups, relatives, etc. 31. Cut it a bit smaller than your lamp base and protect your table. If it leaks, just throw it away! Another idea: they use it for pillows to give to all the children who come in the ER 18. Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. Joyce has an idea. Don’t know what that is? If you have wonky angled or curved edges, square them off evenly. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. and safety pin it to my right shoulder. Well we have ideas for turning that batting into fantastic projects and uses around your home. If you ever use fusible batting you won't have any left over as it can be "pieced" pretty easily. Do not limit yourself on the scraps you can sew together! Small quilts? I also use this same size of batting scrap to make strip cut mats. Anything over 10" goes there. Welcome to the new rollout of T-Shirt Quilts of Texas website. For my 12″ x 12″ sample I’ve used 2 ½“ triangles and added a narrow border (because with this method you won’t have any seam allowances on the edges of your finished piece). Wipe the machine down with it! Use in trapunto. These small pieces can be used for small projects but the batting scraps can be joined together to use on your next quilt, runner, pillows or wall hanging. The case and pocket are kept closed with Velcro and the neck strap comes out of the side of the top alongside the Velcro. My quilts tend to be very colorful and not a lot of large light-colored fabric areas. – Before & After Pics. There is no limit! Once this is covered up with a quilt top and back absolutely no one will ever know I used scraps and leftovers from other projects, right? It is great because it doesn't weigh as much as newspaper and nothing ever gets broken when wrapped in it. Roll onto cardboard. 65. This is what the settings on my machine look like. One of my readers, Pat, asked an excellent question regarding piecing batting scraps for quilting: Hi Jacquelynne. 5. have another one at the ironing station to collect threads that you trim off while ironing. This will help to create a seamless feel. 23. Google a … It is so simple and … Batting scraps are MUCH better than socks for this purpose. Oh, and lots of free stuff too!

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