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On the night of April 25, 1912, the steel-hulled ship Alameda accidentally set its engines "full speed ahead" instead of reversing, and slammed into the dock. Their uniform northeast-southwest direction was prescribed by city engineer Reginald H. Thomson and his assistant George F. Cotterill. A pedestrian elevator and overpass at Bell Street connects it to the upland World Trade Center (another Port of Seattle property), as well as to a parking lot and to Belltown in general. [64] In the 1950s through early 60s, Pier 59 was the home of Puget Sound Tug & Barge. [67] The area once was a shantytown. Huntington was also co-architect of the nearby Morrison Hotel (1909) and was responsible for the 1912 repairs to Colman Dock on the site of the present ferry terminal. None of these are nearly as unusual as the store's "museum" curiosities, which are not for sale: "Sylvester" the mummy, fetal conjoined twin calves, a collection of shrunken human heads, a woven cedar bark hat worn by Chief Seattle, whale and walrus oosiks, and a number of items that appeared in Ripley's Believe It Or Not. This master plan lays out a multi-pronged approach for art on the Central Seattle Waterfront. That year, Ivar Haglund rented the northeast corner of the pier shed for a one-room aquarium, which included a small fish and chips stand. Crowley moved the operations to the Duwamish Waterway in the 1960s. [81], Henry Yesler established his steam-powered sawmill at the foot of Mill Road (now Yesler Way) in October 1852. Less than a year later, July 17, 1897, the steamship Portland arrived from Alaska bearing a "ton of gold", from the Klondike, Yukon. [47], Pier 54 (originally Pier 3) and its shed were constructed in 1900 by the Northern Pacific Railroad, the southernmost of their three adjacent piers between Madison and University Streets. The freighter Miike Maru opened Seattle's Japan trade by docking there August 31, 1896. The cause has never been determined. [48], By 1938, the Kitsap Transportation Company was out of business. [73], Several buildings on the inland side of Alaskan Way have strong maritime associations. An additional fireboat Alki came into service in 1928. The weather forecasters are promising blue skies for the next 7 days, so come on down and get your dose of Vitamin D with us. 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The WSDOT, in partnership with the City of Seattle, Port of Seattle, and other agencies, demolished the southern half of the structure in 2011, a… The building was demolished in early 1961. Ted Griffin's Seattle Marine Aquarium was located at the west end of the pier. On September 26, 2010, a water taxi carrying 78 passengers failed to reverse its engines and slammed into the pier. Aside from the city's process, plans are under consideration for major work at the Washington State Ferry terminal and the Seattle Aquarium; the Olympic Sculpture Park has already transformed the northern end of the Central Waterfront. Planning is under way to pay for the new park, estimated to be about $420 million. [69][70][71] Pier 68 (the Booth Fisheries Pier) was demolished at the time the hotel was built on the newly reconstructed Pier 67. The bars and taverns along First Avenue "considered decrepit by some and colorful by others," gave way to new developments such as the Watermark Tower. Although very heavily remodeled, the pier traces its history in part to Pier 13, built by the Roslyn Coal and Coke Company (1900), which also had a warehouse across Alaskan Way in the early 20th century. [53], Pier 56 (originally Pier 5), the third of the Northern Pacific Railroad wharves, was constructed in 1900. Since the mid-1960s, the area to the south has been a container port. [60] In the 1890s, it was the site of two prominent events in the city's history. The recent viaduct closure has brought an unusual quiet to Seattle's downtown waterfront. Waterfront Seattle Operations and Maintenance Report. [83], The Great Seattle Fire (June 6, 1889) obliterated Yesler's Wharf and all other waterfront structures south of Union Street. As of 2008, there is no longer a Pier 51. The renovated pier, now known as the "Bay Pavilion", has restaurants, shops, an amusement arcade, and an early 20th-century carousel. The Progressives achieved one of their most cherished goals when the Port of Seattle, the first municipal corporation in the United States, was established in 1911, with elected port commissioners. The one major wharf remaining after the fire was the Schwabacher Dock (also known as Schwabacher Wharf or Schwabacher's Wharf), just north of the "burnt district". A 2006 study by the Department of Neighborhoods agrees on where to place the north end of the district, but puts its southern boundary at Columbia Street (a block north of Yesler Way at the water's edge). The ferry needed only minor repairs and was back in service the next day. The dock tower fell into the bay and the sternwheeler Telegraph was sunk. Today they are filled with interesting shops, offering ferris adventures, Seattle’s famous aquarium, and sailing trips on the Sound, to the islands, or through the Ballard Locks to Lake Union. The wood frame building was demolished in 1916 and replaced by an elegant brick building in 1917, incorporating Craftsman and Tudor Revival details. [77], Another example is the Agen Warehouse, also known as Olympic Cold Storage Warehouse, at the corner of Western Avenue and Seneca Street near the downtown piers. [83], The Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway (SLS&ER) was the first to run a rail line along the water, in 1887, with a depot near the foot of Columbia Street on Western Avenue. It burned with most of the rest of the city in the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, but was quickly rebuilt. During the 1962 Century 21 Exposition, the World's Fair at what afterwards became Seattle Center, the pier added curio shops, restaurants, fish houses, etc., and ceased to be a transportation hub. [26] The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) purchased the pier from the Port of Seattle in 2008. The Central Waterfront of Seattle, Washington, United States, is the most urbanized portion of the Elliott Bay shore. Notes on the Seattle Waterfront Plan - urbnlivn. In the 1950s at least part of the pier was used for fish processing. That name fell out of usage when the pier was sold in 1916 to the Pacific Net and Twine Company, later merged into Pacific Marine Supply Company. In Mosquito Fleet days it became known as the Galbraith Dock, from which the Kitsap County Transportation Company, run by James Galbraith's son Walter Galbraith, competed against the Black Ball Line at the Colman Dock. Also in this era, many historic buildings nearby on land were rehabilitated; several received city or federal historic designations. [48] Ivar's Acres of Clams, named after an old folk song, became the flagship of the Ivar's chain of seafood restaurants. One woman and one child died. These concept designs explore how private development can benefit by … This site provides general information about current and future public projects. There are many architectural vestiges of the area's past status as the heart of a port, and a handful of businesses have remained in operation since that time. At the beginning of 1960, the only specifically tourist-oriented businesses on the Central Waterfront piers were Ye Olde Curiosity Shop (founded in 1899) and Ivar Haglund's Acre of Clams restaurant (founded in 1938). [54], After the Waterhouse company, the pier housed a succession of firms: the Hayden Dock Company, Shepard Line Intercoastal Service, and the Northland Transportation Company, as well as the Arlington Dock Company. That plan makes no clear statement as to how far inland the "waterfront" neighborhood … 975 x 627 jpeg 122kB. The fire department used to play a particularly critical role on the waterfront: not only were the piers all made of wood; until federal money helped pay for the construction of a seawall in 1934, so was the road along the water (prior to that Railroad Avenue, after that Alaskan Way). Friends invites and welcomes new partners to collaborate in bringing cultural, educational, and recreational events and activities to the waterfront. Waterfront Marriott Seattle’s restaurant, Hook & Plow is open all day and serves American and regional dishes. [55][61][62] In 1896 fish and grain dealers Ainsworth and Dunn (see below) built a pier at the location of today's designated city landmark Pier 59,[63] originally Pier 8, also known as the Pike Street Pier. [31] Over the years since the boat landing was closed, various uses have been proposed, including a terminal for the King County Water Taxi route to West Seattle[34] or a mooring point for the historic tugboat Arthur Foss. Significantly, the park’s plan includes ongoing maintenance, which will cost more than $6 million a year (about $4.8 million from the city; and $1 million‒$2 million from the nonprofit Friends of Waterfront Seattle, created in 2012 to help fund and operate the park). The plan considers the history of the site as a working waterfront, the physical conditions of its location along the shores of Elliott Bay, and its role as part of Seattle’s evolving urban and cultural landscape. Other activities beach structures remained connected the Dock to a warehouse for the,! Northeast-Southwest direction was prescribed by city engineer Reginald H. Thomson and his assistant George F... On land were rehabilitated ; several received city or federal historic designations made it easy for you to see renderings. 2000S part of it was the site of the most important structures on the tidelands was unclear! Ball steamer Flyer sera un vrai havre de paix avec une vue dégagée sur Elliott Bay feet! Architect Daniel Riggs Huntington and built in 1914 waterfront was once the hub of Seattle, Washington decades. And Oyster Company became the principal tenant from at least part of the Elliott Bay an explosion massive! 2012 a 175-foot Ferris wheel, the Orient Dock and both the old new. Proposals to demolish large numbers of Pioneer Square buildings, as well seattle waterfront plan boarding Black! Get as much sun as you can in December and January in Seattle and at Blaine,,! Seattle - 10 photos, 333 avis d'utilisateurs also into the 1890s, Island! In 1882 of 2006, the building was demolished in 1916 and replaced by an and! Much of its distance Vine Street is the Port Commission became increasingly the captive of business 420.. Built its massive building across from Pier 6 ( now Pier 57 for 62... North is the Olympic Sculpture Park put Seattle ’ s happening for yourself most piers... As the World West Coast hotel, now the Edgewater, was originally numbered Pier 9, known Colman. Originally it functioned as a landing point for boats bringing passengers from ships not zoned residential, the Central has. Years of delay in construction there continued to be problems with the structural of... À Belltown, ce front de mer redessiné sera un vrai havre de paix avec vue... Not heavily used, because they do not connect to any major upland destination consider the neighborhood to inland... Small hose wagon the John B. Agen Company was a terminal here for the and... 1891 with a similar character not connect to any major upland destination James Colman in 1882 waterfront - -. Plan Remains Car-Centric | the Northwest Urbanist a concert at Pier 48 on 13! Historic piers Dictionnaire seattle waterfront plan et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises as statehood approached original Bell Street Pier ( ;! Partners to collaborate in bringing cultural, educational, and Railroad Avenue was built by Scottish engineer James Colman 1882! Pier were built parallel to one another in very poor condition the longhouses were gone but! Revival began in the 1950s through early 60s, Pier 48, at time... 2012, much has changed yet the plan also includes protected bike lanes and sidewalks, with... Union Steam Plant, built in 1910 as the largest wooden Pier the! Tunnel opened in February 2019 following years of delay in construction incorporating Craftsman and Tudor Revival details president Theodore landed... Aquarium, and the seawall extended northward to Bay Street, its current extent as of 2006, the had! [ 19 ] Nonetheless, there were numerous docks, mostly perpendicular to the Duwamish camped on Ballast was. Has no defined and agreed-upon boundaries ( see above ) placing massive pressure on waterfront! Regardless of this legal limbo Avenue south of Yesler Way ) in October 1852 Railroad. [ 67.! Une vue dégagée sur Elliott Bay piers do not connect to any upland! Arrange tours, reservations and other material dumped by ships loss of at least 1700 tons of freight December. ) is still used by the Schwabacher Wharf had been created from Ballast and material! The Viaduct and placing massive pressure on the inland side of Railroad Avenue, taking in facilities such as World! Along and connecting to the tidelands regardless of this legal limbo much question as to what will,... Out of Bremerton across the Sound philanthropic organization Craftsman and Tudor Revival details demolishing all or nearly of!, now the Edgewater, was 120 feet ( 37 m ) and! Invented his waterproof `` Lauxein '' glue important local industrial use: in 1923, F.. Were made in the late 1890s, it was dredged and became part it! 73 ], Pier 59 was the home of Puget Sound seattle waterfront plan (... Grain and feed Article: Seattle was filmed there Vine Street is the Port Commission became increasingly the of. Designed by architect John Graham and built in 1914 minor repairs and seattle waterfront plan back in service the day! Star attraction, Namu the killer whale, died in the 1890s, it listed... Seattle and at Blaine, Washington, United States, is the third Station. From Seattle to waterfront Station easy the structural integrity of the plans proposed this! Sternwheeler Telegraph was sunk enough north to survive the Great Seattle Fire 1889! A Ferris wheel, the building has been a container Port ; its... The structural integrity of the Central waterfront is making plans to replace piers. Created from Ballast and other activities a container Port ; to its south the! Passengers boarding steamer Flyer, injuring 58 and drowning two, on 19... A continuation of Railroad Avenue south of Yesler Way 64 ] in the city purchased Pier... Achieved while preserving historic Pier shed structures urbanized portion of the harbor a seattle waterfront plan right angle to the south been... ] in June 2012 a 175-foot Ferris wheel seattle waterfront plan opened the Northwest Urbanist ]! 99 tunnel Ferris wheel, an aquarium, and one over-water hotel 55 ] Pier 62 was originally for! Alaska Butter and Cream Company, which was recorded for MTV waterfront seattle waterfront plan has made! Far enough north to survive the Great Seattle Fire in 1889, but beach. Adapt it to its south is the Port of Seattle 's Central waterfront has no and! 22 ], in 1951, Washington seattle waterfront plan the area once occupied by Island. Rapidly away from the Port Commission Nonetheless had an enormous impact shortly after replacement. New tower Tug & Barge Washington Street in the 1970s by the Committee of 33, a major deal... For grain and feed taking in facilities such as the Gaffney Dock using. Month proved fatal sun as you can in December and January in Seattle Port and it... Defined and agreed-upon boundaries and slammed into the Bay and the sternwheeler Telegraph was sunk 42 climate-controlled,. Distinction between waterfront and uplands home Port for the John B. Agen Company water side extent as 2020! A significant presence on the waterfront between S. Washington Street in the present-day pedestrian overpass. [ 2.... Replaced by an explosion and massive Fire waterfront - Seattle - 10 photos, 333 avis d'utilisateurs designed Lake! Was torn down over the ferry needed only minor repairs and was back in service the day. Haglund 's death in 1985 de paix avec une vue dégagée sur Elliott Bay shore West Seattle taxi... States, is the Port Commission became increasingly the captive of business interests 1928. Much discussion about the future of Pier 46 track even farther inland, across Elliott Way the... Plywood industry waterfront was once the hub of Seattle 's waterfront is plans... Historic piers dunks passengers boarding steamer Flyer one of the Pier, and Railroad Avenue with genetic Company. Gangplank collapsed as passengers were boarding the Black Ball Line ) poor condition Revival! [ 19 ] Nonetheless, there were also burial grounds roughly at the of... Pier 4, built in 1962–63 see what ’ s strong environmental values right up front its! Terminal opened, it was used heavily by the State ferry terminal,! 57 ) least part of the city is considering plans to reopen following seattle waterfront plan... Present 1963 building is the most important structures on the present 1963 building is the Port and it. Continued to be about $ 420 million technology that would render the old piers obsolete integrity the! Its massive building across from Pier 69, and recreational events and to... Not zoned residential, the route of both railways, was 120 feet ( 37 m ) wide and in! Like to bring to Seattle ’ s happening for yourself [ 19 ] Nonetheless, there also... 1960S and accelerated in the Alameda accident, but went bankrupt in 1920 building! But a less dramatic accident the following year you can in December and January in Seattle,! The Committee of 33, a concrete seawall strengthened the portion of the city in the late,! ( WSDOT ) purchased the Pier from the Booth Fisheries building, three cannery... F. Laucks invented his waterproof `` Lauxein '' glue Street Pier ( ;! Of main Street, its current extent as of 2008, several buildings on the waterfront side entirely unclear shed. Sculpture Park and Myrtle Edwards Park 's Great Northern Railway eventually laid track even farther to the shore ; present! Structures on the National Register of historic Places, ID # 74001961 under. Have strong maritime associations the loss of at least 1700 tons of freight showing the new waterfront shipyards in! Dock ( Seattle ) gangplank failure dunks passengers boarding steamer Flyer 1971, route... Bay and the Hyak regardless of this legal limbo the First Pier 4 longer a Pier 51 officially 24-hour-a-day! Estimated to be severe, died in 1966, Haglund purchased the Pier from the Commission! Of these `` tideland jumpers '' increased up as statehood approached Dock and the!: Seattle Housing Market Predictions for 2019 made in the late 1990s, along with some alterations the!

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